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This current moment in time is witnessing spectacular breakthroughs for the gay rights movement. 2013 has seen the biggest achievement of gay rights in Britain in the last decade with the debate of legalizing same-sex marriage being put before the House of Commons.

The late twentieth century saw massive change for gay people in the UK, and, though prejudice is not altogether beaten the British gay community has grown stronger and more dedicated towards gaining the rights awarded to heterosexual British citizens

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Gay Rights UK is here to give you the lowdown on your rights as a homosexual British citizen. With useful links we’re here to help breakdown barriers in the gay community of the UK.

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UK GAY YOUTH 2014 Welcome to Gay Rights UK

Gay Rights UK is here to give you the info you need about your rights as a LGBT British citizen. Whilst sexuality shouldn’t define us, the gay community of Britain is still surprisingly under the constraints of a taboo society. According to a recent survey by the ONS, 1.5% of the population of Britain openly admits to being homosexual, yet some rights are still reserved solely for heterosexuals.

In the past century, the rights of gay men in Britain have changed dramatically. From homosexuality being declassified as a mental illness to LGBT Britons being able to openly serve in the British armed services, the latter half of the twentieth century has seen barrier after barrier broken down and the twenty first century seems set to replicate this.

Homosexuality is no longer a taboo

Homosexuality is no longer a taboo subject in Britain, though prejudice is still an everyday occurrence, homosexuality is openly embraced. Most large cities have a gay 'scene' with gay orientated bars and clubs and the full month of June is dedicated as Pride month in the UK and US. Whether you’re gay, straight or bisexual, join in and stand up for something immense!

If you are struggling with your sexuality, whether you’re out and proud and facing discrimination or still coming to terms with your sexuality there are people out there ready to help you. There are thousands of charities dedicated to helping LGBT live their daily lives without prejudice.


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